My work is inspired by women and their constant quest for finding balance.

I find us to be the most intricate and fascinating beings. A never-failing source of inspiration.

Women are a force of nature: beautiful, elegant, pure, sensitive, and sensual. A cocktail of strength and weakness, harmony and chaos, tenderness and thoughtlessness.  An unsolvable mystery that makes them magnets. 

When I think of women I inevitably think of the sea. Water has helped me channel and express my emotions.

I search for balance through my works. Each of them is the result of a profound journey that takes/pulls me deep inside myself. The journey is over when I feel I could wrap myself with the piece.  For me this distinctive feeling means that I have found the balance I crave. Each of my works is a snapshot that tries to recreate the atmosphere and energy that is generated at that precise moment.  The magical moment when all aligns and makes sense.

I see my work as a doorway to silence and introspection. An invitation to meditation. 

My intention is none other than to share that path to a magical and ephemeral balance in hopes that the works’ energy radiates and inspires others in their own journey. 

I work in different mediums: wood, canvas and paper. They are all closely intertwined.

I work in wood because it has had a previous life, and it has character. I never have the feeling of working on a blank canvas when I work with wood. Carving it sets the perfect rhythm for introspection. The organic and fragile texture that I manage to obtain helps transmit serenity. 

My work on paper is the reverse of my wooden pieces.  It reveals the negative of each piece and hence opens a new dialogue and experience.

Lastly, my paintings emerge from the space within me that craves harmony. I attempt to capture the inner beauty of all those emotions, feelings, energy, and tensions.  

I wish my work can contribute to your personal search and guide you towards balance.  Best of luck in your journey.


Born in Madrid, Spain. Has lived and worked in London and New York. Currently lives in Madrid. 


National Academy School of Fine Arts, New York. Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, Madrid, Spain.