My work is inspired by women and by their constant quest for finding balance.

When I reflect upon my personal search, I cannot help but think about the sea and this transports me to a realm where water and femininity unite. 

Both women and sea are forces of nature and share traits such as elegance, strength and weakness, purity, sensibility, beauty, and harmony. 

There are days and times when balance is nowhere to be seen and we find ourselves in a chaotic internal state. Feelings, doubts, fear and anxiety crash deep inside as waves do against a wall. Other days, usually those when we stop demanding and testing our limits, when we are more benevolent and accept ourselves, we then thrive and find our balance. Those magical and ephemeral moments create a sensual and delicate harmony which make us seem lighter.  Its beauty resides in its fragility.

I was born in Spain and I have lived in London and New York.  I have always found my source of inspiration in women.  I find us to be the most intricate and fascinating being on earth.  I work in different mediums, paintings and wooden sculptures, all closely intertwined.

My paintings emerge from that space within me that craves harmony and attempt to capture the inner beauty of all those emotions, feelings, energy, and tensions.  They try to depict the peace and balance that we savor in those brief and magical moments when our world aligns.

When I am working on my sculptures, I truly enjoy searching for the right piece of wood.  Once I have found the one that I was looking for, I start timidly, tip toeing while getting to know the wood without forcing my will.  Respecting the woods character, I eventually manage to establish a conversation with the piece.  I wrap myself in its scent, letting my thoughts flow with each movement while dancing around its essence.  

My search for balance starts here.  


Born in Madrid, Spain. Has lived and worked in London and New York. Currently lives in Madrid. 


National Academy School of Fine Arts, New York. Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, Madrid, Spain.